Who is TheLastGeneralCardiologist?

I’m not telling you!

At least for now, I am going to publish this with some degree of anonymity. There are some reasons for this. I’m new to this idea of a blog so I am still not sure that this is the right thing to do.

One thing is for sure, and that is that it would seem easier to go from anonymous to identified, but not vice versa.

It is just that i am not sure if all those who I work with or are associated with will necessarily agree with all the opinions and points of view expressed on the blog. Not that I am in any way intending to offend…

So I am happy to tell things about me but not my identity. To those who work with me, these thing s will probably be enough anyway…

I am, you guessed it, a general cardiologist.

I work in both the public and private sectors. Publicly, in a large, metropolitan teaching hospital in Australia. I trained in more than one country. I spend a good deal of time involved with clinical research, most of which is investigator initiated, but less time than I would like in medical education.

So that is a start. I am sure more will become apparent with time.

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