Why TheLastGeneralCardiologist?

Why indeed?

We arrive at a time where a diminishing number of us are prepared to describe ourselves as a ‘general’ cardiologist. Indeed there is probably no such recognised entity as a general cardiologist. The reasons for this, we may discuss, are many.

Our training and career structures now suggest that we must have subspecialty training in the field – we must be an EP, an imaging or an interventional guy or girl – in order to find a successful path. Perhaps more importantly, the medico-politico-industrial complex has swung firmly away from drugs (that might have been prescribed by anyone) and firmly in the direction of device therapies and high tech imaging infrastructure (which may only sensibly be utilised by those with appropriate sub specialist training in their use).

Some of this, of course, makes a lot of sense but it also ignores a lot of truths.

Several facets of the specialty are all but ignored by the current direction – where is the place for cardiac genetics, grown-up congenital heart disease, screening for heart disease, primary prevention, acute rheumatic heart disease, heart disease in pregnancy in the prevailing structure – it’s hard to see. All of these are real, day-to-day issues in my part of the world and indeed in my hospital and some of them increasing in importance.

Finally, the current structure neglects the inarguable political, geographic and demographic realities of the world – that we are all getting older and that many of us, probably the majority, remain isolated, either by distance or economics, from the delivery of the high level cardiovascular medicine and interventions that we are driven to provide.

I think that you can see where I am heading with this…

  1. ubpdqn said:

    Dear TLGC,
    Thank you for following my general blog. I apologise if this seems self promotional. It is not my intent. I am merely directing to two other blogs which have more frequent cardiological relevance, even if loose. When I recall I add link these sites on the general blog.

    The sites:

    The last site is where I publish CDF documents. This requires download of a Wolfram CDF Player (free). I think it is worthwhile for interactivity and I have recently posted cardiological topics.

    I have read your posts with interest and look forward to updates.

    In a vast country, the general cardiologist remains prevalent, if not sufficient for the needs of the regional communities. The path to extinction may be starting and your exhortation to replenishment and regeneration of the species is timely.

    I hope you are a successful conqueror of the prevaling trend of super-specialisation and may your pastoral home be a source of peace and regeneration..

    Unknown Blogger

    • thelastgeneralcardiologist said:

      Dear Blogger,

      Thanks for your interest. It will certainly be an interesting crusade. We shall see.

      Thanks again,


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