1. From another pitifully infrequent blogger: I blame it on coming from academic writing (but come to think of it, for me that is pitifully infrequent also!!) I always said if I set about writing a book, I’d end up with a chapter; if writing a chapter, I’d wind up with a paragraph; so maybe after a half dozen blog posts I’ve had my say!! Twitter, the microBlog may be the platform for us! But I’m still not going to give up on mybluegenome.org which is for carriers of genetic conditions. @mybluegenome

  2. Thanks for your comment Jane. It’s a challenge. I’m sure you are right about the conflict between academic writing and reviewing and blogging/tweeting. I’m doing more of the former at the moment and finding it a challenge to come up with the time and spontaneity required for the latter.

    Your interests seem aligned with my friends and colleagues @CSHeartResearch and @jodieingles27 you should check them out on twitter.

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