Day 4 at #ACC13 The wrap…

The striking thing about Day 4 of #ACC13 was that there was no Day 4!!!

I’ve not been to the ACC meeting for a few years but I am pretty sure that it had previously stretched over 4 days, and other comparable meetings, e.g. ESC in Amsterdam this year, certainly will be.

I think that the ACC may have made a positive move here. Perhaps in response to the global challenges of dwindling delegate numbers, innovative but disruptive information technology or maybe just to do something different – or perhaps a combination of such factors. Whatever the reasoning the decision to run the meeting over 3 days seems to have been a good one. The sessions certainly came thick and fast – maybe there were more parallel sessions to make up for the shorter program – but I never felt that the program was too crowded or difficult to negotiate. Notwithstanding the more concentrated program the College were also able make other significant moves, such as the lengthy period of time without opposition for the morning posters. There is no doubt that this was a good thing with the poster sessions literally packed on each day, and with the presence of many of the high profile opinion leaders who often would be elsewhere, or otherwise engaged were it not for the unopposed nature of the posters. For those of us pondering the future direction of these large medical meetings and how to maintain enthusiasm in some of the traditional areas of discussion, like the poster sessions, this is food for thought.

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